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I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Simply go to DBTs Google Business Page via a Google search and see their comments. 


Client Jackie

Donna gave an amazing therapeutic massage. I had been having pain in my back shoulder blade for 3 months. I had gone to my chiropractor and acupuncturist, numerous times, without relief. The day after my 1st massage with Donna, I had relief from pain and quickly scheduled my next appointment.

Client Evan

I highly recommend DBT as our work together was not aggressive instead highly affective. I received education about body mechanics and injury prevention. DBT goes above and beyond other massage therapist I've worked with in the past by designing a personalized stretching routine. If anyone has specific areas that need help, DBT is exceptional.

Client Lisa 

She really helped my Husband and I to feel better. She is not a typical massage and it so helped more than any massage we have ever had.

Client Pamela 

I was experiencing a variety of aches and pains following a recovery from a broken foot. My back hurt, my leg ached, and I was stiff all over. I knew I could get a “feel good” spa massage from various places. However, I wanted to find someone who was skilled at more therapeutic massage to interact with my issues and help me make necessary adjustments. I am so fortunate to have found Donna a DB Therapeutic Massage. At the first session, Donna identified my trouble spots through a hands on assessment. It amazed me how much she discovered and explained to me about what my muscles and associated areas were indicating to her. As she went through her assessment, not only did the back pain connections to my foot recovery make sense, but also other problematic issues connected clearly to balance and soreness problems with which I have continually struggled. For example, her identification of weakness/tightness in my left hip/pelvis area helped explain why I tend to lean to the right in my saddle on a horse. After her assessment, Donna discussed with me a treatment plan. She based the plan on my goals, our discoveries, and her knowledge about massage therapy to develop a realistic plan. Each session was amazing. I received relief from pain and aches. During the sessions Donna made adjustments to her procedures as she discover how my body areas were reacting. Donna took time to explain everything she did and what she thought might help. Sometimes this included using online illustrations to help me understand muscle locations and interconnections throughout my body. I have learned so much from Donna about how to help and maintain pain relief. I have several sessions left. I look forward to continued comfort and learning. I HIGHLY recommend DB Therapeutic Massage.