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“Whatever peace I know rests in the natural world, in feeling myself a part of it, even in a small way.” Mary Sarton


DB Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (DBT), is a mobile service, bringing professional and experienced Advanced Bodywork to the privacy of your home. DBT believes in giving you the same value and benefits of a massage service that you would get in a clinic or Rehab Gym, all at your convenience.  

What makes DB Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork unique? DBT focuses on fixing the problem: movement imbalance, surgery rehab, injury prevention, improving range of motion or age related conditions; instead of trying to treat the entire body in one session DBT develops a treatment plan that's goal oriented and all sessions are outcome based. DB Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork offers a variety of massage techniques designed to meet your specific needs using modalities ranging from Advanced Bodywork & Rehabilitation, Craniosacral, Deep Tissue/Sports Related Massage, Taping and Cupping Therapy. DBT arrives at your home with all the supplies necessary to complete your massage therapy experience.

Free 20 minute consultations to discuss your goals any questions you may have prior to scheduling a session.

No charge for add-ons: Taping, Cupping, Cold Stones. 

Because consistent participation is required to start seeing improvements, DBT offers completive and affordable packages. DBT understands that movement problems don’t happen overnight and that it can be a challenge to begin the process of movement and posture correction.  DBT makes the process manageable and not difficult.  Clients receive simple to understand education on muscle balance, functional movement and normal movement patterns and simple ways to start making corrections.  DBT can help Nip these problems in the bud to prevent further problems in the future. All DBT packages are transferable and valid for one year. To experience truly unique and specialized Bodywork call today tel:919-333-7641  to schedule an appointment.  

DBT also provides no charge after session care, going above and beyond a standard massage session, providing education on proper home care. This includes stretching and mobility instructions and stretching handouts sent to your email, extending the benefits of your massage long after your session. 

Professional outcome-based massages with competitive and affordable prices are a few reasons clients come back time and time again. DBT also offers evening hours to better accommodate your demanding schedule and understands that being affordable is essential. DBT provides affordable packages to match your budget as well as your movement goals.

A Few of the Many Massage Benefits. The benefits of massage can be numerous, from treatment for reducing feelings of fatigue, stress, tension to relief for muscle/joint pain. Many studies have found massage may also be helpful for:

  • Reduces/ Eliminates Different Types of Physical Pain associated orthopedic conditions: Shoulder injuries, Rotator cuff conditions, joint replacements, amputations...
  • Movement Optimization 
  • Postural Corrections
  • Soft Tissue Trauma
  • Correct Compensatory patterns
  • Helps treat Acute Conditions.

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