Your Session

Your Session:

DB Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork does what's called, an out call. DBT brings the table and equipment to set up at your home, community center or office. Each client provides his or hers own linen: Pillow case, flat and fitted single sheet set, any additional blankets you feel you might need.  Therapist equipment: Massage table, wedges, bolsters and other positioning devices. Before the Therapist arrives there will be some forms for you online to print and have complete. Here's where you can download and print the forms, Click on More and in the drop down box click on helpful forms. Or call for assistance tel:919-333-7641

During the first session you will be ask questions about yourself and what you would like to accomplish/your goals. Your Therapist will listen and work closely to your concerns, comments and questions. Most massages can be performed while wearing yoga pants or exercise shorts and sports top.  Simple orthopedic/muscular and other types of test and assessments will be performed. These will help your therapist assess movement patterns, posture, range of motion and sometimes strength. Usually the assessment is done during the bodywork and your Therapist will discuss the assessment finding as the session progresses. 

DBT does not charge a different prices for types of Massage Techniques (to see techniques/types of massage) click on Type of Massage. Instead, many techniques are used and blended during the massage treatment session, these are likely to include, unless contraindicated, Stretch, Range of Motion, Trigger Point and Deep Pressure to name a few. 

The session ends with your Therapist assisting you to come to a safe and secure position and providing you appropriate time to dress.  The outtake process includes your Therapist reviewing the overall session,  answering all you questions and may including some home stretching exercises (if appropriate), followed by the outtake process and scheduling your next appointment. 

DB Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork tel:919-333-7641