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Equine Craniosacral Therapy

"Equine Craniosacral Therapy (EQCST) is one of the most effective and powerful modalities that exist today. Craniosacral deals with the spine and the central nervous system, and it has the ability to correct any physical or emotional pattern in any part of the body." Tom Mays

CST is the only form of bodywork that focuses on the bones and soft tissue in the skull, and the relationship with the pelvis through the spine, ultimately having an effect on the whole body.

Equine Craniosacral Practice is based on the belief that the horse’s body has inherent self-healing capabilities. By releasing tension and restrictions in the craniosacral system, the treatment aims to support and enhance the horse’s natural healing processes.

Benefits of Equine Craniosacral Treatments

Craniosacral Practice is highly effective, and the benefits are visible immediately after the treatment in the horse’s posture and face symmetry that will be directly carried over and felt in riding with better balance, presence and softness.

~ TMJ Dysfunction or Disorder
~ Head and Ear Shyness
~ Sore Hocks
~ Stifle Weakness
~ Cribbing and Headshaking 
~ Poll Restrictions and Pain
~ Posture Imbalance
~ Restricted Pelvis Movement

Back and Neck Pain
~ Decreased Athletic Performance
~ Abnormal Hoof Growth
~ Shying and Spooking
~ Difficulty Catching
~ Crookedness
~ Dull Expression and Lethargy
~ Gait Asymmetries

Pain relief 

Craniosacral Treatments can help alleviate pain and discomfort caused by various issues, such as injuries, muscle tension, or imbalances in the body. By releasing restrictions in the craniosacral system, the horse’s body can function more efficiently and experience reduced pain levels.

Improved mobility and flexibility 

Horses that have restricted movement due to stiffness or tension in their muscles and joints may benefit from CST. The gentle manipulations can help improve joint mobility and flexibility, leading to enhanced performance and overall movement quality.

Stress reduction and relaxation 

The light and soothing touch used in Craniosacral can promote relaxation. This can be particularly beneficial for horses experiencing stress, anxiety, or emotional trauma. A relaxed horse is more likely to perform well and have a better relationship with its handlers.

Enhanced performance 

When the craniosacral system is balanced and free from restrictions, the horse’s body is better equipped to perform optimally. Improved musculoskeletal function can lead to better coordination, balance, and overall performance in various disciplines, such as racing, jumping, dressage, and endurance riding.

Support for neurological issues 

CST may have a positive impact on horses with certain neurological conditions. By influencing the central nervous system and cerebrospinal fluid, the treatments might aid in the management of issues like head injuries, nerve compression, and neurological disorders.